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lightweight inexpensive reusable
Reusable & inexpensive CD, DVD, and Disk mailers from Champion-Artmate.Artmate™ has just added to their line of great, corrugated plastic products, the solution you've been looking for. Here's a reusable mailer for sending that special video cassette tape to friends or clients.

Made from the same high impact, durable corrugated plastic as our other Artmate™ products. Our video cassette mailers offer lightweight protection and the advantage of being reusable - time and time again.

Need a long-term storage solution for your video collection? These video mailers can also serve as permanent, protective covers to gaurd your video tapes. They stack neatly, you can add labels for identification, or set up your own color coded filing system. The Artmate™ video cassette mailer comes in 13 different colors.

Order the Artmate™ video cassette mailer individually or by case lots. But whatever you do, order plenty!

Other ideas:

  • Include your return address label with your mailings. Saves your client time by your thought -fulness.
  • Inexpensive giveaways with your name or logo screen printed on the mailer.

Available in 8 assorted colors.

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